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March 2020


Haugesund Cargo Terminals remains fully operational

Information on the Covid-19 situation – Haugesund Cargo Terminals remains fully operational The Covid-19 situation leads to demanding days for all of us. However, in this new situation, Port of Karmsund and Haugesund Stevedoring both have a high focus on maintaining normal operations. We want to assure all our customers that Haugesund Cargo Terminals will maintain normal capacity and activity levels, even […]

hct remains OPEN! The port of Karmsund and Haugesund Cargo Terminals (Husøy) are part of the country’s critical infrastructure and supply chain (community-critical infrastructure). The port is part of the EU’s Trans European Network (transport corridor) and has the status of a main port. There are considerable quantities of consumables, food, medicines, equipment for health […]

Covid – 19

Covid – 19

Covid – 19 Port of Karmsund is closely following the situation with Covid-19, and complies with guidelines given by the relevant authorities. The Port of Karmsund also has close dialogue with the health authorities and other relevant players. The Institute of Public Health has updated guidelines available on its websites at all times: https://www.fhi.no/nettpub/coronavirus/fakta/fakta-om-koronavirus-coronavirus-2019-ncov/ details […]


AIDA AURA has departed from HAUGESUND. Update: The results of the Covid-19 tests of two passengers at Aida Aura last night were confirmed negative today at 2.30 pm. This means, no Corona virus has been detected in the passengers in question. There was no basis for quarantine, testing or restrictions in relation to other passengers […]