Hopp til sideinnhold

hct remains OPEN!

The port of Karmsund and Haugesund Cargo Terminals (Husøy) are part of the country’s critical infrastructure and supply chain (community-critical infrastructure). The port is part of the EU’s Trans European Network (transport corridor) and has the status of a main port.

There are considerable quantities of consumables, food, medicines, equipment for health institutions and chemicals going through HCT.
That is why Karmsund Port Authorities and Haugesund Cargo Terminals are fully open during the extraordinary situation in which Norway is now. However, the chief of police in the South-West police district has prohibited foreign crew from embarking ships , effective March 14 at 5.30 pm.

The Port of Karmsund has introduced a number of measures over the past weeks to prevent contamination among our employees and those using the various ports. Most of our employees now have a home office, but we have kept a minimum staffing at the head office and have kept normal operations in the various locations we are located in Husøy (operations and maintenance department and port guard).

Our job is to keep the port running, even during a demanding period that we are in now. In good cooperation with cargo handling companies, shipping companies, freight forwarders and carriers, we promise that we will be able to operate at normal capacity in the coming time, but of course with some restrictions and reservations.


Following recommendations from the authorities, a number of measures have been implemented to ensure operational operation at the port facilities in the port of Karmsund.

Visitors are responsible for contacting the visitor recipient well in advance of their expected arrival, so that the visit is handled as well as can be done under the prevailing conditions. The recipient of the visit is responsible for informing the visitor of the steps to get into the port facility.

Visitors to the port facility must be prepared for the following before arriving at the port facility:

  • The visitor must have access to a mobile phone with the possibility to send and receive e-mail with file attachments (picture), if possible get help from visitor recipient for this
  • The visitor has telephone contact with the port guard / concierge and visitor reception on arrival at the port facility. Be sure to have this information available upon arrival. Contact information can be obtained in advance via your contact person at the port facility.
  • Digital visitor cards will be issued to the visitor

Take good care of each other and follow the advice of the authorities!

Best regards

Tore Gautesen
Port Director / CEO


Last updated: March 25, 2020