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Karmsund Port Authorities has dedicated and engaged employees. The organisation is divided into four departments:

  • Finance department
  • HR and communication department
  • Maritime department
  • Technical department

Here you will find contact information to some of our employees.

Tore Gautesen

Position: Port Director

Tore Gautesen

Position: Port Director

Tine Osmundsen

Position: Deputy Port Director

Camilla Remøy Gudmundson

Position: Head of HR and communication

Tommy Sandtorv

Geirmund Eikje

Position: Maritime Director

Ronny Askeland

Position: Technical Director

Anne Mette Storaas

Position: CFO

Martine Aas

Position: Administration and IT consultant

Camilla Vestvik

Position: Executive Officer

Martin Lie Hauge

Position: Group Legal Counsel

Kristine Edvinson

Henriette Sternhoff Swartling

Eivind Eide

Position: Maritime Inspector

Tor Einar Risøy

Position: Maritime Inspector/Cruisecoordinator


Position: Port Inspector

Tor Arne Ulsund Hansen

Position: Safety- & emergency manager

Odd Arild Lokna

Position: Technical Operations Manager

John Vaage

Position: Technical Intendent