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Haugesund Cargo Terminals

Haugesund Cargo Terminals at Husøy is one of the largest traffic ports in Western Norway. The port is already one of the most important hubs in the country, and the port will play an even greater role in the future.

The unique combination of being a National Fishery port in combination with a modern container terminal, roro and general cargo adds benefits to both industries.

Husøy is centrally located in relation to Western Norway and to the Haugesund region. There is no deviation from the main artery that runs through the Karmsund Sound. In conjunction with expanding vessel capacity, the need has grown for a transhipment terminal between international and domestic cargoes in Western Norway, where goods can be transferred to/from smaller vessels plying domestic waters. Husøy meets all the criteria required of such a transshipment hub.

Conditions are well facilitated for the development of new commercial areas in the corridor between the traffic and fishing ports at Husøy and Haugesund Airport, Karmøy. In the future, this area will become even more attractive as a result of new road systems, increased scheduled ship traffic and good air connections in the immediate vicinity. In the fishing port, there is considerable freezing and cooling capacity with uneven demand throughout the year.


  • In the middle of the main shipping route in Western Norway
  • Central location between Bergen and Stavanger
  • All liner vessels go to the same terminal
  • Large suitable areas
  • Good balance between exports and imports
  • Local industry actively uses the port
  • Strong growth in our region, and Western Norway
  • An estimated 40 000 new inhabitants by 2030

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Last updated: December 27, 2022

Haugesund Cargo Terminals, Husøy

Harbour Crane
1 (154 tonnes lifting capacity)
Front Loader
3 units
Reach Stackers
4 units
Mobile conveyors
400 tonnes per hour
Various fork lifts
Up to 16 tonnes
Lorries, container trucks, side loaders and tipper chassis
Mafi tugs and Mafi flats
Dedicated container cleaning area
Yes (with equipment)
Automatic Stinis container spreader
20´, 30´, 40´ and 45´ containers
Spreader bar
Yes, set up to 300 tonnes SWL