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The property we own at Husøy is two-fold. We have storage areas and building stock. The buildings we have per. today is primarily the storage of raw materials as well as a terminal building we own together with Sea Cargo through the company Husøyvegen 250 AS.

Further development of the business area associated with HCT

With a plot of more than 150 acres directly adjacent to the harbour, the business area provides unique and rare logistics opportunities for the players who choose to establish themselves here.

The business area is primarily developed for operators who generate goods over the port and will have the added value of establishing themselves in the immediate vicinity of the terminal area. Sea-based business development is our target group. This can be production, central warehouse / transhipment warehouse or other industry where input products and or finished products are transported primarily by sea.

The total plot area provides great flexibility for adapting plot sizes with associated building stock, based on the needs of the operator. It is arranged for long-term leases that provide predictability for both the tenant and the developer. All necessary infrastructure is organized so that every needs are met.

Plots and development potential:

Purple fields in the illustration are the business area. The area is regulated for industry and provides space for the process industry as well as storage area both outdoors and indoors. Parts of the area will be within ISPS secured area and for the players who need this, the site’s location will be important. In the regulation of the area, it is arranged for good land use and spacious building heights.

Light green field on illustration is future development area of ​​the terminal. This area will provide establishment opportunities for players in need of transhipment or bulk storage on the quayside. The terminal area will in the next few years be developed in line with market demand and provide opportunities for establishments in a total area of ​​60 acres.

Available premises

Last updated: November 1, 2019