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Karmsund Bulk Terminal (KBT) opened in 2016 and is part of Haugesund Cargo Terminal, Husøy, situated just south of Haugesund. The terminal has a unique geographical position and can handle both dry bulk and other breakbulk commodities based on tailor made logistic solutions.

The terminal is owned by Karmsund Port Authority and is operated by Karmsund Bulk Terminal AS which is a joint venture between KTM Shipping AS and Navigare Logistics AS. The business idea is to develop new and more efficient solutions for the Norwegian and North European markets.

The terminal is abt 15.000 m2 and has a capacity of over 35.000 tons. The loading/discharging capacity is about 400 t/hour and is open 24/7. The quay front of 50 meters and the two dolphins enable vessels of abt 170 meters to berth safely. The draft is 8,3 meters.

Apart from the services Karmsund Bulk Terminal can offer, Karmsund Port Authority can also offer dedicated areas for bulk handling, warehouses etc.

With the unique position, most ports in the North Sea region, lower Baltic, UK and the Norwegian coast can be reach within 48 hours. Modern port facilities combined with high maritime experience and knowledge make HCT to an ideal partner in handling, storage and distribution of dry cargoes.

Last updated: November 1, 2019