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Governing bodies

Karmsund Port Authorities is an inter-municipal company (IKS), which is owned by the municipalities Haugesund, Karmøy, Tysvær, Bømlo, Sveio and Bokn. The municipalities have developed a common ownership strategy for the company, which is adopted by all municipal councils. According to this, the shareholders’ meeting of the company is held twice a year.


The company’s Board of Representatives, the Port Council, consists of 6 members, of which each of the participating municipalities appoints a member and a deputy member. The port council members and deputy members are appointed for 4 years at a time, the election period being equivalent to the municipal election period. The head and deputy chair are elected by the members of the port council.

As of the fall of 2019, the Port Council has the following members:

MemberDeputy member
Haugesund Arne-Christian Mohn (Ap)Trine M. Stokland (Sv)
Karmøy Jarle Nilsen (Ap)Alf Magne Grindhaug (Krf)
Bømlo Inge Reidar Kallevåg (H)Anne T. Johannessen (Frp)
Bokn Osmund Våga (Sp)
Sveio Linn Therese Erve (AP)Ruth G. Ø. Eriksen (Frp)
Tysvær Sigmund Lier (Ap)Sven Ivar Dybdal (Sp)

Board of directors

The Port Board of Directors consists of 5 representatives and 3 deputy members, who are appointed according to criteria embodied in Karmsund Ports’s ownership strategy. The representatives are elected for two years at a time.

ChairmanJohn Erik Hagen
Deputy chairmanElisabeth Haldorsen
Member of the BoardEllen Solstad
Member of the BoardSindre Matre
Member of the BoardOle Sandvik
Member of the BoardEivind Eide (employee representative)
Deputy memberBente Hetland
Deputy memberKaroline Sjøen Andersen
Deputy memberOlaf A. Hansen
Last updated: January 25, 2023