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After experiencing increasingly environmental focus in the world community, the Port of Karmsund over time felt a need to systematize and intensify its environmental work, and increase its focus on efficiency and new technology. In the fall of 2016, just before the Paris Agreement came into force, our Intelliport concept was born.

Intelliport means Intelligent Port. Intelligence comes from Latin and can be defined as “the mental ability to understand contexts”. That was exactly what we wanted to work on and be good at. How can we see contexts that enable us, using technology, to extract both efficiency and environmental benefits?

We started by trying to look into the future. What would one of our terminals look like in some time if we let it undergo an “Intelliport transformation”. We came up with this very first sketch:

It was supposed to show our dream scenario, but with measures we envisioned would be possible to implement with existing technology. In the following we created an ambitious concept document, with a detailed description of this scenario. You can read the entire document here:

Intelliport concept document

After defining the visions we had, it was time to work specifically on initiatives and projects. In the two years that have passed since we started this phase, we have completed several full and sub projects under the Intelliport umbrella. Here are some examples:

Shore powerKH has invested in three shore power
units, at a total cost of around 13 million
NOK. The project received about 10
million NOK from Enova
KH has replaced the lighting system at
Killingøy and Husøy, for zone-controlled
led lighting. This is far more
energy efficient, and less disturbing
to the surroundings.
KH has upgraded Port Data System,
Archive and Maintenance System,
to streamline and secure operations
internally. We have also started using Office
365 products, to automate
internal processes that were previously
done manually.
Harbour craneIn the spring of 2019, KH’s new mobile
harbour crane arrived at Husøy. KH has
taken on additional cost of between NOK
3 and 4 million for the crane to be run on
electricity, and for measures for energy
efficiency. Per hour run on electricity
instead of diesel, there is a 52kg
reduction in Co2 emissions
Automated main gate at HCT is an
ongoing project, fall/winter 2019.
The gate is calculated to save on the
time trucks are idling inside the
terminal with 50% / 10min per car.
The project is supported with NOK 7million
from The Norwegian Coastal Administration
through their grant scheme for streamlining
Shore Power at Killingøy
Zone-controlled led lighting at Husøy
Harbour crane at work
Power cabinet for the Harbour crane
General illustration of an automated gate

Looking back at the very first Intelliport outline, we see that many of these measures have now been implemented. Although we are still working on specific projects (eg shore power for Cruise ships) we have also started to look further ahead, and are ready to take Intelliport to a new level. Automation, IoT, autonomy, renewable and alternative sources of energy and fuel are examples of projects we are looking to identify in the next phase. We are completely open and everything that can make the Port of Karmsund more efficient and more environmentally friendly are interesting projects for us to look into. We spend a lot of time mapping current projects and partners, investigating and evaluating projects.

Do you have a good idea for a project that would fit into our Intelliport concept? Contact us!

Last updated: March 21, 2022