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International Ship and Port Facilities Security Code

The Port of Karmsund complies with the Norwegian Coastal Administration’s requirement for ISPS ships to board an approved ISPS berth. Vessels holding ISSC (regardless of whether they only sail in national waters or not) will therefore only have the opportunity to be assigned berths at one of our ISPS port facilities.

All ship calls to our port facilities must be reported through the national portal for registration of calls, Safe Sea Net Norway. The ship requests and is assigned a berth through the same portal.

Karmsund Port has approved ISPS port facilities in Husøy, Garpeskjær, Killingøy and Serklau.


Access to the port facilities is restricted in accordance with national requirements, so that only pre-approved personnel can access them. The ship or clients established inside the ISPS port facility can arrange with prior approval of visitors to the area. This type of visit must be notified in good time.

All personnel at our ISPS port facilities must have a visitor’s card or access card issued by the port, also a licensed vehicle must have a valid license issued by the port. Also remember that it is a requirement through regulations that you must bring a valid ID (driver’s license, bank card with photo or passport).


Companies that have frequent cases in the port can, after entering into a security contract with the port, have the opportunity to apply for access cards to their own employees. A contract can be considered to have been signed with companies that have conducted a security contract meeting with the Port of Karmsund. Request for appointment for a security contract meeting can be sent to: security@karmsund-havn.no


Companies that have a security contract with the Port of Karmsund are themselves responsible for internal introduction and training of their own employees before applying for an access card for the employee. Karmsund Havn has approved the following course providers of ISPS courses:

Only the security officer in the company (CSO / TCSO) has the opportunity to apply for admission cards to the company’s employees.

security contract

The Port of Karmsund enters into security contracts with the company registered in the Brønnøysund Register on the organization number registered there. In case of name changes, a new name can be notified to the Port of Karmsund via email,  security@karmsund-havn.no. When changing the organization number, the company must enter into a new security contract with the Port of Karmsund.


Inside the ISPS port facility, there is basically a photo / video ban. If there is a need for photography or video, permission should be applied for to our email; security@karmsund-havn.no, explain what images are wanted and what may be included in the image.

Last updated: October 12, 2022