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Harbour crane

At Haugesund Cargo Terminals, we have two of Norway’s largest mobile port cranes with a lifting capacity of as much as 154 tonnes each. The cranes are Liebherr LHM 550, and are among the largest of their kind in the Nordic region. With these, we handle container operations with a Stinis container spreader for 20 ‘, 30’, 40 ‘and 45´ containers. The cranes can also be used in tandem, which gives a total lifting capacity of 308 tonnes.

We also have good experience from various operations with project cargo, where we can offer a capacity of up to 300 tonnes. The largest of these projects is a wind turbine project, where the Port of Karmsund has received over 300 wind turbine modules and 45 wind turbine blades for storage at Haugesund Cargo Terminals, Husøy. In total, the project has required approx. 50,000 square m. Using the Karmsund Port’s mobile harbour crane, the modules and blades have been safely lifted ashore.

The crane can be powered by electricity, and it is supplied with extra insulation for further noise cancellation. The upgrades on the crane are in accordance with Intelliport, Karmsund Port’s concept to strive for increased efficiency, new technology and more sustainable solutions in everything we do. In an hour on electricity vs diesel, CO2 emissions are cut by as much as 52 kg.


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Last updated: March 24, 2022

Kristine Edvinson