Hopp til sideinnhold


Karmsund Harbor has prepared a plan for waste management at our port facilities. Certain port facilities have permanently deployed waste containers, while other containers are deployed in accordance to orders.

According to Regulation on the delivery and receipt of waste and cargo residues from ships, the master of ships, except scheduled ships and leisure boats approved for a maximum of 12 people, must report the delivery of waste and cargo residues:

a) at least 24 hours before arrival, if the port of call is known, or

b) as soon as the port of call is known, if this information is first available less than 24 hours before the port of call, or

c) at the latest upon departure from the previous port, if the journey lasts less than 24 hours.

The information is sent via the reporting system SafeSeaNet – Norway. Ships that are not covered by the reporting obligation regulations, or that have been granted an exemption from this, must report corresponding information by e-mail to operation@karmsund-havn.no.

When such a message is received to one of our port facilities, it is forwarded as an order to the relevant waste operator, who’s responsibility it is to take care of the deployment of mobile reception facilities, collection and further processing of the waste. Please note that it is no longer permitted to throw waste in black garbage bags.

Information about the general waste fee can be found in the price list. In some cases, an additional fee may be charged for the delivery of oil waste, other hazardous waste, cargo residues, sewage or particularly large quantities of waste in relation to the ship’s size, type and sailing time. Additional fees can also be charged for ships that do not comply with the reporting obligation.

Last updated: October 12, 2022