Hopp til sideinnhold



Within the harbour area of ​​Karmsund Port, arrangements have been made for lay-up of ships and other floating installations pending new assignments. The most important areas are:

  • Bøvågen, Karmsundet
  • Kvernavik, Fosen

Karmsund Port’s lay-ups are known as some of the best in Europe.

Vessels in storage can be offered a variety of services, both from the port and from suppliers to the maritime sector. It is a very short distance from our lay-ups to Haugesund Airport, Karmøy. The airport offers a number of direct routes; www.flyhau.no

Modern ships require substantial supplies of electrical power and satisfactory IT capacity. The port of Karmsund has a collaboration with Haugaland Kraft to provide satisfactory power supply and capacity. Two transformers with a respectively capacity of 500 kVA and 800 kVA are located at Bøvågen. In addition, we have frequency inverters that can be delivered 400V or 690V, 50 or 60Hz with up to 1000kVA.

At Fosen no permanent electricity supply has been established for storage of vessels. Work is now underway on the establishment of permanent power plants with a capacity of 2000 kVA.

Karmsund Port also offers long-term storage at quay, contact us for further information.

Why choose lay-up in our region?

  •  Historic and well documented lay-up for almost 100 years
  • Good infrastructure with many bollards, available shore power connection, etc.
  • Protected area, no swelling, good bottom conditions that provide good anchorages and well suited for long-term storage
  • Mild climate with ice-free area
  • Central location with a short entrance from the North Sea
  • Stable political conditions in Norway
  • Collaborative port authorities
  • Very central location close to airport, E 39 and E 134
  •  All necessary service companies are in the area, including shipyard with their own dry dock of 274 x 45 meters
Last updated: November 12, 2020