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Karmsund Havn, in collaboration with the Norwegian Food Safety Authority has finalised and opened a new veterinary Border Control Station (BCS) at Haugesund Cargo Terminals, Husøy. Karmsund Havn, the regional Port Authority, has invested a total sum in excess of NOK 25 million building and certifying the station. The control station is the first in Norway that is approved to conduct inspections of goods in bulk bags. Furthermore, the station is the only full-scale border control outside the Oslofjord, therefore it is also a highly anticipated segment for future business opportunity for all regions between Egersund and Kirkenes.

The new BCS is located within the secure ISPS area at Haugesund Cargo Terminals Husøy. The station is in close proximity to the container terminal, the roll on-roll off terminal, the general cargo terminal and the dry bulk terminal.

When importing products of animal origin or other foodstuffs subject to inspection from countries outside the EU/EEA, (this also applies to products that are composed of both vegetable and animal components) the goods must be produced for inspection at a veterinary border control station, often referred to as BIP (Border Inspection Post) or BCP (Border Control Post).

Up till now, actors in our region would have had to perform inspections at other European border control stations before transporting to its predetermined locations, thereby increasing the total travel length. The new BCS offers an alternative that will increase efficiency, reduce emissions and drive down overall expenses. It will also provide noticeable benefits for all industries that handle the import of products containing animal origin. Haugesund Cargo Terminals, Husøy, is a growing, critical logistical maritime hub in Norway. Being able to inspect products at the border without deviation from the main route offers significant benefits for both the external and internal stakeholders to the port. 

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority BCS at Husøy is fully equipped to process an ample range of goods subject to inspection, as listed below:

POA HC NT-T (2) 


PNAO-HC (food)-NT-T (2) 

PNAO-NHC (feed)-NT-T (2)

PNAO NHC (other) – NT-T (2)

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority supervises the import of both animal and non-animal foodstuffs. There are different rules for imports depending on whether they come from another EU/EEA country (trade), or from a country outside the EU/EEA. Animal foodstuffs and non-animal foodstuffs subject to control from countries outside the EU/EEA area (third country) must be checked at one of the Norwegian Food Safety Authority’s BCS.

If you would like to further inquire about the station, capacity or opportunities, contact the Commercial Department at Karmsund Port Authority. 

Last updated: March 10, 2023

Kristine Edvinson

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Products of animal origin
Products that are not of animal origin
All products for consumption
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