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Karmsund Port Authority and Hydro Aluminum launches collaboration to develop new port for offshore wind projects

On 13 June 2023, Karmsund Wind AS and Hydro Karmøy signed a letter of intent to develop a new port of 660.000m2, to be connected to Hydro’s industrial area on Karmøy. The project has been named “Haugesund Wind port, Haavik”. The purpose of the new port will be to assemble offshore wind turbines for both fixed and floating offshore wind, while also being flexible and useful for other marine operations.

Illustration of Haugesund Wind port, Haavik, and Hydro’s factory area in Håvik. Haugesund Cargo Terminals, Husøy can be seen in the background.

Illustration: Arqsix
Photo: Karmsund Havn


A report fram Menon Economics, published in 2019 titled “Ripple Effect of the Oil and Gas Industry’s Activity, underlines major consequences following the green transition, especially in Rogaland. 73,400 employees in the region have jobs linked to oil and gas, which is equivalent to approx. 30% of the total employment in Rogaland. For Vestland, which is the county with the second most jobs linked to oil and gas, the figure is closer to 11%. Rogaland is therefore in a unique situation, considering the proportion of workplaces that need to be adapted to a green market. The municipalities in Rogaland have 9.2 billion petroleum-related tax revenues, therefor, future phasing out of oil and gas operations could lead to high unemployment and the liquidation of companies, with consequent reduced tax revenue and cuts in public budgets. It is therefore vital to transition into new industries at a rapid pace.

Value Creation in the Local Community

Haugalandet and Sunnhordland are especially suited to take on the role as a central hub for the country’s offshore wind development. This region has a unique geographical position along the North Sea basin, characterized by sheltered, deep fjords that provide optimal conditions for the production and installation of offshore wind turbines. Despite this, infrastructure on land currently constitutes a major bottleneck for offshore wind projects throughout Europe.

It is essential for Hydro and Karmsund Port Authority to contribute to the green transition on a local level. As such, the parties have been in dialogue for some time to develop an already regulated area, adjacent to exiting industry and infrastructure, in order to minimize the impact on nature and the environment. Upon realization, the parties shall establish a joint company that will develop the area.

Karmsund Havn IKS

Karmsund Havn IKS is one of the country’s largest port companies. The region of Haugalandet and Sunnhordland is one of the busiest port areas in Norway. The harbor is centrally located in between the two largest cities on the west coast of Norway, Bergen and Stavanger. We work closely with the region’s biggest players in all maritime operations, as part of a group of over 20 companies. The company manages significant real estate and infrastructure ​​assets and is headquartered in Haugesund.

“Karmsund Havn is very pleased to present the venture at Haugesund Wind port, Haavik. Over many years, we have had a close collaboration with Hydro within logistics. Now we are looking forward to taking a step further and developing what will become the leading port in the North Sea basin for the assembly of floating offshore wind. Together, we work actively to contribute to the realization of floating offshore wind in the North Sea basin and Norway’s energy transition by creating the necessary starting point for offshore wind to be developed in a sustainable and cost-effective way. Before a final investment decision is made, the zoning plan in the area must be adjusted and the commercial foundations must be in place. Several of Karmsund Havn’s most important partners within offshore wind want to establish themselves here and we are experiencing interest from offshore wind projects throughout the North Sea basin.” Statement from port director Tore Gautesen. 

Karmsund Wind

Karmsund Wind AS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Karmsund Havn. The company will become a leading developer and operator of ports for offshore wind in the North Sea. Futhermore, it will also be responsible for development and commercialization of Haugesund Wind port, Haavik. Karmsund Wind will be the point of contact for stakeholders, while managing projects and driving future ventures.

“Haugesund Windport, Haavik will become a central port for our offshore wind venture Karmsund Wind. We are planning a harbor with up to 1,500 m of quay, and 500 acres of back area, without restrictions on lifting height. This will be a port that will be able to handle large projects. Besides Haugesund Windport Haavik, we will also develop offshore wind activity at other ports in the region, both existing and new. At our selected ports for offshore wind, we can offer services for the entire value chain, from logistics to assembly and in the operational phase. – all within a short distance and centrally located in relation to Haugesund Airport and Utsira Nord. Karmsund Wind has the ambition to become one of the most important and preferred logistics hubs for offshore wind in the North Sea basin,” says CCO Tommy Sandtorv at Port of Karmsund

Hydro Aluminium

“We at Hydro want to contribute to local value creation and the green shift by entering into this collaboration. Through the project, Hydro will contribute to local value creation through offshore wind investment.” says Arne Martin Kjærland, Factory Manager at Hydro Karmøy.

Last updated: December 6, 2023