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Covid – 19

Port of Karmsund is closely following the situation with Covid-19, and complies with guidelines given by the relevant authorities. The Port of Karmsund also has close dialogue with the health authorities and other relevant players.

The Institute of Public Health has updated guidelines available on its websites at all times: https://www.fhi.no/nettpub/coronavirus/fakta/fakta-om-koronavirus-coronavirus-2019-ncov/ details

The Port of Karmsund has introduced a number of measures for its own employees, and hung up information posters on our port sections, for visitors.

In the event of an outbreak of a vessel, or suspected coronavirus outbreaks, the health authorities must be notified.
Ships are required to notify, in accordance with the IHR Regulations: https://lovdata.no/document/SF/regulations / 2007-12-21-1573? q = ihr details.

Notice is given to the Coastal Administration (+47 78 98 98 98).
The port of Karmsund also must be notified, by notification to the Port Inspectors:

Phone: +47 52 70 37 57 (24 hours)
VHF: Channel 12 and 16

Further handling of the matter lies with the health authorities. It may be fair to note that the IHR regulations allow for the health authorities to take action against persons including the quarantine of vessels.

At the same time, the regulations specify that ships cannot be refused to enter or arrive at a port, unload or load cargo or storage for public health reasons, and shall be allowed to take on board fuel, water, food and supplies (§ 17).

Last updated: March 11, 2020