Hopp til sideinnhold

AIDA AURA has departed from HAUGESUND.

Update: The results of the Covid-19 tests of two passengers at Aida Aura last night were confirmed negative today at 2.30 pm. This means, no Corona virus has been detected in the passengers in question. There was no basis for quarantine, testing or restrictions in relation to other passengers on board.

The two passengers referred to left the ship in Haugesund, and the ship departed at 4.15pm, continuing its cruise after approval from local health authorities.

Original text:
The cruise ship Aida Aura has asked to stay in Haugesund as they have two passengers aboard which local health authorities have tested regarding the Covid-19. Passengers show no symptoms of illness.

The test answer will be available during Tuesday, March 3rd. Haugesund Municipality follows the recommendations of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and follows the situation closely.

Haugesund Municipality and Karmsund Port Authoritues are in close dialogue with the shipping company Aida cruises. The company is in close dialogue with responsible health authorities and follows their instructions.

Upon notification from the ship, the Karmsund Port Authority responded immediately according to its own contingency plan, closed off the area and notified the relevant authorities. In addition, it is Karmsund Port Authorities role to assist Aida cruises and health authorities with what they need.

Responsible doctor at Haugesund Municipality Teis Qvale says:
Passenger movements have now been mapped, and they have not been on any organized tours. The passengers have taken a shuttle bus and visited Haugesund city center. The risk of infection is considered small.


Point of contact:

Teis Qvale   
Responsible doctor Haugesund Municipality

Ole Bernt Thorbjørnsen     
CEO Haugesund Municipality
Phone: +47 905 08 148                                                          

Hansjörg Kunze
VP communication and sustainability Aida Cruises
Phone: +49 381 444 8020
E-mail: presse@aida.de

Last updated: March 3, 2020