Hopp til sideinnhold

Haugesund offers world class lay-up facilities and ship service

“The Port of Karmsund offers unique locations for lay-up, with our central position in the North Sea. The district is well known for its solid maritime competence and offers a full broad service product for both hot and cold lay-up”
– CCO Torfinn Gaupås

The term laid-up ships means ships, which are temporarily idle due to lack of cargo or which are temporarily phased out of commercial operations. The Port of Karmsund offers world class lay-up facilities, with substantial supplies of electrical power and satisfactory IT capacity. Protected area, no swelling, good bottom conditions that provide good anchorages and well suited for long-term storage

Worlds largest barge, Hereema H851 on its way to lay-up in Bøvågen
Photo: Øyvind Sætre

Ships are laid-up when freight rates are not sufficient to cover the running costs. Usually there is a balance between supply and demand and ships rarely have to lay-up.

The Port of Karmsund has over 100 years of experience with lay-up vessel
Photo: The Port of Karmsund

The Port of Karmsund has several locations for lay-up. All of them with good infrastructure, and Vessels in storage can be offered a variety of services, both from the port and from suppliers to the maritime sector. All necessary service companies are in the area, including shipyard with their own dry dock of 274 x 45 meters.

With tugboats in all sizes, we offer a secure and effective operation.
Photo: The Port of Karmsund

Our locations are highly cost effective. Change of staff, inspections or other monitoring are made easy with international airport, hotels and Haugesund city only a few minutes away.
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“The Port of Karmsund are here to help with preparations and lay-up operations, this includes security services upon arrival and departure.”
– Maritime Director Geirmund Eikje

Bollards has been established on the land side, with 200-400 ton bollard pull.
Photo: The Port of Karmsund
Last updated: February 26, 2021