Hopp til sideinnhold


Photo: Haakon Nordvik

Deep Wind Offshore and EDF Renewables enter into cooperation with Westcon Yards and Karmsund Port Authority to evaluate areas for construction, assembly and logistics for the development of Utsira Nord.

– Within few years the turbines will be installed at sea, right outside our office windows. This is where the development of floating wind will take place, and as the largest port, we will contribute to maximizing local value creation. We achieve this by facilitating the players who want to establish themselves in our region, says commercial director Tommy Sandtorv at Karmsund Port Authority.

– Our region has both extensive experience and complete competence for development of offshore installations as well as the maritime industry. We are facilitating new large-scale industry, and together with the minicipality, Vindafjord, we have clear plans for an assembly site at Dommersnes for upcoming offshore wind projects, says general manager Øystein Matre of Westcon Yards.

Many local actors are well equipped for the development of offshore wind. Deep Wind Offshore and EDF Renewables develop offshore wind farms, Westcon Yards can do pre-fabrication and assembly of floaters, and Karmsund Port Authority can be responsible for infrastructure and logistics.

– The industry at Haugalandet can offer almost complete supplies for offshore wind, thereby securing local jobs and value creation. In addition, in the immediate vicinity to the production area at Utsira Nord is of great importance for both sustainability and cost in the projects, says Kjetil Jacobsen, project director for Utsira Nord in Deep Wind Offshore.

Major ripple effects

The government will award development permits in the Utsira Nord area, 7 km outside Utsira, next year.

According to a ripple effect analysis carried out by Menon Economics on behalf of Haugaland Vekst in 2020, the area can create great local value. For one area of 500 MW, the analysis shows an employment effect of approximately 6,000 employees in the development phase. In a scenario with a high local share, the local employment effects could be over 4,000.

In the long term, around 100 people will be involved in the annual operation.

Utsira Nord in total is planned to be three times as large, 1.5 GW.

– Haugalandet has long traditions for both industrial construction and restructuring and is completely dependent on new jobs. Therefore, we will look at how we can use the areas of Karmsund Port Authority to build the capital of offshore wind, Haugesund, says Sandtorv in Karmsund Port Authority.

– Combined with prefabrication in the Westcon group and assembly at Dommersenes, this shows how we can ensure a high local share in the projects, says Jacobsen in Deep Wind Offshore.

Last updated: January 10, 2023