Hopp til sideinnhold

Karmsund Traffic Harbour, Husøy. Photo: Karmsund Havn IKS





The pollution regulations regulate the noise level that port areas must stay within. In §5-4 it is stated that; “When the average noise level indoors over the course of the day exceeds 42 dB LpAeq, 24h in existing buildings, measures must be implemented”. The measure limits do not apply to temporary deviations from the normal operation of a facility. In case of doubt, the pollution authority decides what is to be considered a temporary deviation.

Karmsund Port Authority is focused on reducing noise at our facilities and is therefore continuously working on measures. An example is the construction of shore power facilities, to prevent the use of the ship’s auxiliary engines. Karmsund Port Authority has received funds from Enova to implement these measures.


Karmsund Port Authority take noise problems seriously and are planning to start with noise measurement at the terminals at Husøy. If necessary, action will be taken if the noise values exceed the permitted level or are a significant nuisance to the surroundings. The noise measurements are carried out in collaboration with expertise in the area.


Karmsund Port Authority requests that our Noise Complaint Form to be used to report nuisance noise. In this way, we can systematize the inquiries, and analyze the inquiries against the activity taking place.


In the event of issues regarding odor, a common reporting page has been created for the entire Husøy area. You can find it HERE


Some operations in the port may occasionally cause unwanted pollution, such as dust from bulk loading and unloading, or discharge to sea. In most cases, the emissions will be of harmless products, preferably vegetable products. For notification of acute pollution, please call 110 (fire station).

Last updated: January 4, 2023


Position: Port Inspector