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Our story

Inspired by the potential to increase safety and efficiency of highly complex subsea repairs and maintenance Otech Marine Services was founded by Odd Tveit, in 2005. After more than 30 years experience in the diving industry, his vision was to develop a world leading company suited to handle advanced repair and maintenance operations for the oil & gas industry at shallow depths with the highest level of safety. His son, Odd Are Tveit, is now the CEO of the company and continue to lead it with a main focus on safety, people and innovation.

Diving operations

Otech Marine Services provides a high standard competitive choice for quick response, inspections, repair and routine maintenance for different diving operations. Otech has extensive experience with rapid ship repairs, maintenance works and routine operations. All operations are planned and documented with the highest level of safety, monitoring and quality.

Engineered solutions

From time to time there are cases where there are no existing methods in which to solve maintenance or repairs subsea. Norwegian companies has for years been in the top of the industry solving subsea challenges with innovative and effective solutions. As a Norwegian company we continue this tradition, and develop specially engineered solutions to suit our customers.

Cofferdam solutions

The use of cofferdams and habitats has been commonly used to perform works situated under the waterline where you require dry conditions. Such solutions form a good alternative to dry-docking when maintenance and urgent repairs are required. Otech has developed various solutions to ensure dry conditions for performing work or simply as water integrity barriers. In common for all our solutions is innovation and smart engineering including easy installation, easy transport, increased safety and documentation.

Periodic survey IMR

Time is of the essence whenever routine inspections or maintenance is planned. Otech has extensive experience in planning and executing Class renewal surveys and offers turnkey solutions for our customers. Our surveys are performed either by use of divers or ROV. Non destructive testing of structures, materials, e.g. steel, concrete is part of the services we provide for our customers. Efficiency is the key to successful operations and by planning every detail and advising our customers we have been able to offer record-breaking solutions when it has been required. Our quality of documentation and the integration with the class society and customer guarantees a service of high quality and on time.

Thruster replacement

Our main activity is still today Thruster replacement services worldwide. We supply our customers with turn key projects where our customers can be sure that the whole operation, from inside mechanical work to diving operations is done with excellence. All our turn key projects are planned by project management with years of experience in the field and of various types of thrusters. We assist in the renewal of old thruster handling systems and procedures with the support of our engineering department.

Cathodic protection (CP) retrofit
A fully functional cathodic protection system is vital for protecting the submerged structure of any installation. An ICCP system provides a maintenance free solution for up to 20 years. This will reduces costs for the owner by not having to replace submerged sacrificial anodes during any port calls or periodic surveys. Otech offer solutions for retrofit by converting any traditional sacrificial system or outdated ICCP system, giving our customers a ICCP system designed for the future which is guaranteed to make an impact on maintenance costs.

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