Karmsund traffic and fisheries port Husøy

Transcarrier from Sea-Cargo AS in Karmsund traffic harbour, Husøy. Photo: Øyvind Sætre.
Leiv Sverre Leknes - Karmsund Havn

Leiv Sverre Leknes

Assisterende Havnedirektør/ Maritim Sjef / Harbour Master

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Karmsund traffic harbour at Husøy is one of the largest traffic harbours in western Norway today. The harbour is one of the most important hubs in the country and it is planned that it shall play an even greater role in the future when the use of ferries along the west coast is discontinued.

The harbour area at Husøy is primarily adapted to accommodate the route-going sea transport of general cargo (mainly containers and ro-ro freight) and the fishing sector, as Husøy is also a national fishery harbour. This combination is unique in relation to Norway and very positive for the fishing industry as well as the general cargo harbour. Husøy is centrally located in relation to western Norway and to the Haugesund region. There is no deviation from the main artery that runs through Karmsund Sound. In conjunction with expanding vessel capacity, the need has grown for a transhipment terminal between international and domestic cargoes in western Norway, where goods can be transferred to/from smaller vessels plying domestic waters. Husøy meets many of the criteria required of such a transshipment hub.


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