Killingøy Subsea- & Offshorebase, Haugesund

Leiv Sverre Leknes - Karmsund Havn

Leiv Sverre Leknes

Assisterende Havnedirektør/ Maritim Sjef / Harbour Master

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Killingøy Subsea & Offshore Base is located at the outermost point of Haugesund. From this base, Statoil operates its North Sea standby services, the so-called PRS (Pipeline Repair System). Killingøy Subsea & Offshore Base fulfills all regulations pertaining to harbour safety and port terminals in relation to terrorist contingency plans etc.

The base is approved by the Norwegian Coastal Administration.

In addition to standby services and planned maintenance, Killingøy is also the scene of much innovation activity. World records have been set as more and more operations occur in ever deeper waters. In addition to PRS, much of the region’s subsea environment is also established at the base. Karmsund Port Authority owns and develops buildings and sites at Killingøy. Among the companies that are present at Killingøy are: Technip Norge, DeepOcean, Olufsen Skipsreparasjon, Reach Subsea, and Mera. Karmsund Port Authority administration offices are also located at Killingøy. In the autumn of 2013 the Port Authority together with the Norwegian Coastal Administration commenced on a large-scale reclamation project in the sea with the intention of making new areas accessible.

With 5 different quays, there is ample space for an offshore fleet to access any services it should require.

Click on the link below to download the harbour chart for Killingøy.

Killingøy – Chart details – 1-1500, v2, rev 24-06-2015

Harbour charts must not be used for navigational purposes.

Killingy Offshore & subsea base: site overview.pdf


Distance to airport:
14 km
Driving time to airport:
18 minutes
Distance to town centre
1,5 km
Driving time to town centre 
4 minutes

Last updated: 30.10.2015