Kopervik Harbour

Heidi Synnøve Nymann - Karmsund Havn

Heidi Synnøve Nymann

Forvaltningssjef / Management Director

+ 47 52 70 37 53
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Karmsund Harbour Authority has offices available in Kopervik. The units are located on the first floor of the Karmøy Terminal.

The offices units are located on the first floor in conjunction with the storage buildings at the Karmøy Terminal. The offices were renovated in 2012 and are in excellent condition. In accordance with the municipal plan, the property is regulated as a harbour area. The available office space covers 30m² and includes office units and kitchen facilities. The grounds have been laid with asphalt and are tidy and presentable.

Located in Kopervik Harbour, Karmøy.

Two parking spaces are attached to the office units.
The parking spaces are located on the west side of the building, just outside the entrance door.

Upon agreement.

Last updated: 29.10.2015