Garpeskjær Quay/ Haugesund Harbour Park

Heidi Synnøve Nymann - Karmsund Havn

Heidi Synnøve Nymann

Forvaltningssjef / Management Director

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Info about Garpeskjær Quay/ Haugesund Harbour Park

Distance to airport:
15 km
Driving time to airport:
16 minutes
Distance to town centre:
1 km
Driving time to town centre:
2 minutes

Garpeskjærskaien Quay in the centre of Haugesund was previously the region’s most important sea-traffic harbour. The movement of goods traffic to Husøy has freed up this area in favour of other activities related to maritime transport and development.

In cooperation with Caiano Eiendom Company, buildings with accommodation for more than 600 employees have been erected in the former harbour area.

Karmsund Harbour contributes actively to the development of cruise ship tourism in Haugesund. In the years to come, the harbour area will function as a standby and relief quay. In addition, Garpeskjærkaien Quay is recognized as the region’s cruise ship quay. The ferry service to Utsira operates from the same area. The newly-opened Haugesund Harbour Park has made the location more attractive for both users of the facilities and the general public.

Please contact us if you are interested in the Garpeskjær harbour area in Haugesund.

Last updated: 1.07.2015