Leiv Sverre Leknes - Karmsund Havn

Leiv Sverre Leknes

Assisterende Havnedirektør/ Maritim Sjef / Harbour Master

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Karmsund Port has facilities available for vessels that are laid up prior to obtaining new contracts.

The primary areas are:

  • Bøvågen, Karmsundet
  • Kvernavik, Fosen

The lay-up areas of Karmsund Port are recognised as some of the best in Europe.

Laid-up vessels are offered a range of services from the harbour authorities, suppliers, and the maritime sector. The lay-up areas are all to be found within a short distance from Haugesund Airport, Karmøy. The airport provides many direct routes to Oslo, Copenhagen, Gdansk, and

Karmsund Port Authority works in Close cooperation with Haugaland Kraft, the local utility supplier, in order to provide ample power delivery and IT capacity to the lay-up areas. At Bøvågen there are two transformers that are capable of routing 500 kva and 800 kva respectively. There is no permanent electricity supply at Fosen for laid-up vessels, however, power may be provided by prior arrangement. Karmsund Port Authority also provides long-term quayside lay-up. Please contact us for more information.

Why choose lay-up in our region? (PowerPoint presentation)

  • Historic and well-documented lay-up areas for over 100 years
  • Excellent infrastructure with many bollards, accessible land power lines etc.
  • Sheltered lay-up area; no swell, excellent seabed conditions that provide good anchor hold and the areas are well suited to long-term lay-up.
  • Mild climatic conditions in ice-free lay-up areas.
  • Centrally located with short approaches from the North Sea.
  • We have stable political conditions in Norway, and a cooperative port authority.
  • Centrally located close to the airport and major routes E 39 and E 134.

All necessary service companies are within the area, including a shipyard with its own dry dock that measures 274m x 45m.

Last updated: 7.01.2016