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Leiv Sverre Leknes

Assisterende Havnedirektør/ Maritim Sjef / Harbour Master

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Garpeskjærskaien Quay in the centre of Haugesund was previously the region’s most important harbour. The movement of goods traffic to Husøy has freed up this area in favour of other activities related to maritime transport and industrial development. In cooperation with Caiano Eiendom Company, buildings with accommodation for more than 600 employees have been erected in the former harbour area. Further property development is dependent upon demand

Karmsund Harbour contributes actively to the development of cruise ship tourism in Haugesund. In the years to come, the harbour area will function as a standby and relief quay. In addition, Garpeskjærkaien Quay is recognized as the region’s cruise ship quay. The ferry service to Utsira operates from the same area. The newly-opened Harbour Park has made the location more attractive for both users of the facilities and the general public. During 2015 Haugesund will receive 18 cruise ships and the total number in expected to increase in the years to come. Bergen, with 318 arrivals in 2012, is the largest cruise ship city in Norway. Stavanger was the fourth largest cruise destination for the same year. The cruise market from Germany and Great Britain to western Norway has experienced significant growth over the last few years. By 2018, the goal is to be approaching 40 cruise ship arrivals annually.

In 2010 Karmsund Harbour Authority, together with the local tourist organisation, made a strategic decision to commence a serious and long-term investment in cruise tourism. All available energies in the region worked in unison and in May 2013, Haugesund was able to bid its first cruise ship welcome. Garpeskjærkaien Quay meets all regulations in relation to the security of harbours and harbour terminals in terms of terrorist contingency plans etc. The base is approved by the Norwegian Coastal Administration.

Much effort and resources have been put into the project. Karmsund Harbour Authority alone invested around NOK 8 million as an initial measure in order to best facilitate for vessels, crews, and passengers. The quay and berthing arrangements have been significantly improved and the bollards can today hold 150 tons. With a quay that is 297 metres long (Garpeskjær West) and another that runs 131 metres (Garpeskjær East), the region can accommodate vessels in all size classes. A park – The Harbour Park – has also been established at Garpeskjær. This will allow both cruise tourists and the region’s own inhabitants to have memorable experiences after visiting the quay area.

Where to visit in the Haugesund region? Useful tourist information available here.


16th. April Saturday10:0020:00Fram Hurtigruten300Garpeskjær vest
7th. MaySaturday13:0023:00Viking SeaViking Ocean Cruises920Garpeskjær vest
17th. MayTuesday08:0018:00Mein Schiff 4TUI Cruises2500Garpeskjær vest
23rd. MayMonday08.0013:00DeutschlandAbsolute Nevada600Garpeskjær vest
25th. MayWednesday 13:0023:00Mein Schiff 4TUI Cruises2500Garpeskjær vest
6th. JuneMonday08:0016:00Saga Pearl IISaga Cruises800Garpeskjær vest
20th. JuneWednesday10:0019:00MonarchPullmantur2760Garpeskjær vest
21st. JuneTuesday07:0017:00Mein Schiff 4TUI Cruises2500Garpeskjær vest
29th. JuneWednesday08:0018:00Pacific PrincessPrincess Cruises650Garpeskjær vest
7th. JulyThursday07:0017:00MinervaSwan Hellenic350Garpeskjær vest
13th. JulyWednesday08:0019:30AidaVitaAida Cruises1266Garpeskjær vest
29th. JulyFriday13:0023:00Mein Schiff 5TUI Cruises2500Garpeskjær vest
9th. AugustTuesday07:0017:00Mein Schiff 4TUI Cruises2500Garpeskjær vest
10th. AugustWednesday08:0019:30AidaVitaAida Cruises1300Garpeskjær vest
25th. AugustThursday08:0018:00MonarchPullmantur2760Garpeskjær vest
26th. AugustFriday13:0023:00Mein Schiff 4TUI Cruises2500Garpeskjær vest


28th AprilTuesday10:0018:00FramHurtigruten300Skudeneshavn
8th MayFriday10:0016:00FramHurtigruten300Skudeneshavn
22nd MayFriday08:0018:00Costa NeoRomantica Costa Cruises1356Garpeskjær vest
3rd JuneWednesday 08:0018:00Costa NeoRomanticaCosta Cruises1356Garpeskjær vest
3rd JuneWednesday08:0015:00AdoniaP&O Cruises702Garpeskjær øst
5th JuneFriday09:0023:00BoudiccaFred. Olsen Cruise Lines900Garpeskjær vest
5th JuneFriday07:0012:00AmadeaPhønix Reisen584Garpeskjær øst
15th JuneMonday08:0018:00Costa NeoRomanticaCosta Cruises1356Garpeskjær vest
3rd JulyFriday13:0023:00Mein Schiff 4TUI Cruises2500Garpeskjær vest
5th JulySunday13:0023:00Silver CloudSilver Cruises296Garpeskjær vest
12th JulySunday08:0018:00Costa NeoRomanticaCosta Cruises1356Garpeskjær vest
23rd JulyTorsdag08:0017:00BritanniaP&O cruises4372Garpaskjær vest
29th JulyWednesday13:0023:00Mein Schiff 4Tui Cruises2500Garpeskjær vest
31st JulyFriday07:0011:00HamburgPlantours 400Garpeskjær vest
7th Aug.Friday08:0015:00AdoniaP&O Cruises702Garpeskjær vest
8th AugSaturday08:0018:00Costa NeoRomanticaCosta Cruises1356Garpeskjær vest
20th Aug.Thursday08:0018:00Costa NeoRomanticaCosta Cruises1356Garpeskjær vest
26th Aug.Wednesday13:0022:00Mein Schiff 4TUI Cruises2500Garpeskjær vest
1st Sept.Tuesday08:0018:00Costa NeoRomanticaCosta Cruises1356Garpeskjær vest


13th Feb.Monday   AidaCara Aida Cruises1.180
27th Feb.Monday  AidaCaraAida Cruises1.180
13th MarchMonday  Aida CaraAida Cruises1.180
29th AprilSaturday  Viking SeaViking Ocean Cruises930
5th MayFriday  Viking StarViking Ocean Cruises930

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