Karmsund Havn IKS - LOGISTIC HUB of western norway

Karmsund Port Husøy
Karmsund Sea-traffic Harbour, Husøy (Strategy plan)

Karmsund Sea-traffic Harbour is an inter-municipal organisation charged with many different assignments related to port operations and sea-based enterprise development. The organisation operates in 10 business areas. Compared to other ports, Karmsund Harbour carries out a wide range of assignments. Port operations are regulated by the laws governing harbours and maritime waters. The municipal sea-traffic harbours shall be adapted to meet effective competitive sea transport of passengers and goods and to provide safe seafaring within its own sea area. This broad public mandate is maintained through self-financing, mainly by the development of industrial sites connected to the quays. The growth of sea-based enterprise requires significant investment. Development of infrastructure is ever more expensive while users of such infrastructure demand as much flexibility as possible. Karmsund Harbour is expected, by industry as well as the local municipalities and the community, to be an active partner in the development of enterprises In just a few years Karmsund Harbour has undergone significant changes in relation to being a large and more visible developer of sea-based infrastructure, in combination with control and management of sea traffic in its own area.

Our ambition is to become the most important maritime logistic hub on the west coast of Norway.

Last updated: 2.07.2015